"The Bridge between Industry and Academia"

Registration No: REG/BTP/233P

Mr. Sosthenes Kewe
Executive Chairman

It is a great honour for me to humbly welcome you to Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection (ACISP), the College that enhance and shape lives of people, a place where they are educated, loved and guided. The place where they are established on a path that they will continue to follow, even when they have left us. The College is an autonomous body corporate and a Pan African College that was established to fill the gap between Academia and Industry through provision of practical and tailor courses using combined Local, Regional and International pool of practitioners as trainers.It is my pleasure to welcome you to ACISP website. I believe that College website is where our clients and students are informed, welcomed and be comfortable.

The college website continues to be a vital point of contact for enrolled students and also graduate alumni. As such, it is an essential part of the college infrastructure and handle large amounts of data. In order to realize the envisioned development of financial sector in Africa, ACISP has built a strong and unique team of experts to offer research and consultancy services using a pool and database of over 50 highly qualified and experienced academic staff/consultants derived from within the country, regional blocks and Europe who works with the College on full and part time basis. We are better positioned to provide maximum professional satisfaction and the best output to the needs of our clients. For further information please visit the College website at

Finally, and most importantly, our relationship holds the values of kindness, love and win-win basis in all our dealings. We actively instill in all members of our college community the need to respect and be of service to each other. As you are our esteemed clients and stakeholders, this website will provide you with up-to-date information about our services.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you now and in the future.