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"The Bridge between Industry and Academia"

Registration No: REG/BTP/133P

About ACISP : - A Pan African Modern Urban College

Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection (ACISP) is a Modern Urban Pan African College providing performance and competence based capacity building solutions in the fields of Finance, particularly Insurance, Risk Management, Social Protection and Leadership. The College strives to bring new guidance and leadership to the mankind and share innovative ideas so as to escalate performance of the industry players and become a Bridge between Industry and Academia.

The College welcomes ground-breaking thoughts from all around the world to support the development of new concepts and good ideas in the field of insurance, social protection, risk management, actuarial science, finance and leadership. Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection philosophy is to provide a platform for an ongoing collaborative relationship between scholars, scientists, academicians and industry specialists; to guide and steer the development of the insurance and social protection sector.

The role of the College is to manage performance acceleration through bridging gaps in know-how and avail technical expertise from experts and researchers across the globe. College provides long and short term courses, conduct action based research on issues and disseminate the information through seminars, workshop and conference within and outside Africa, publication of books, journals, social media and other media channels.

Areas of Operations
  • • Performance based training
  • • Specialized Consultancy
  • • Action based research
  • • Seminars, Conferences, Publication
Africa College of Insurance & Social Protection (ACISP) is a registered institution based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The registered Office is located in Masaki Area, Toure Drive 386 - Plot No. 99, Toure Drive, Sea Cliff Road.
The Vision
To be a premier performance based college globally renowned for its programmes for the insurance and related financial services industry.
The Mission
To bridge the gap between industry and academia by enhancing performance of players in insurance and financial sector so as to contribute to country's growth as a financial hub.
Our Core Values
  • • Professionalism
  • • Innovation
  • • Competency
College Function
The main functions of the College are managing and bridging the gaps between know-how and practices, and creating assistance from various experts and researchers within the industry through long- and short-term courses, conduct research on socio-economic issues and disseminate the information through seminars, workshops, journal articles and conferences within Africa and beyond.
College Objectives
  • • Developing and delivering short-term competence-based learning programs and provide a set of systematic and series of courses that are proven to help people advance their leadership qualities and skills.
  • • Improve qualifications of people through trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences in insurance, social protection, leadership and financial services sectors with primary objectives of changing mindsets rather than injecting lots of information into people’s minds.
  • • Acquaint and provide a common platform for mutual consultation through invitations to deliver speeches and exchange experiences aiming to dissolve differences and learn from each other.
  • • Conduct Research and Consultancy service in the design, administration, and management of insurance products, financial services and leadership.
  • • To actively recruit, support and train volunteers to engage in financial services and insurance products sales and development.
  • • To promote leadership and professional ethics in the life of people, and to help develop leadership qualities through systematic and holistic development of the character and skills.
  • • Disseminate and publish different information, research finding reports and news as a way of creating insurance, social protection and ethical leadership awareness to stakeholders and general public.