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"The Bridge between Industry and Academia"

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  • • At CALIF we know learning to lead is an intensely personal experience – and one that shifts over time.
  • • Our real-world approach helps you address the reality of your situation, your organization and your goals, aligning your personal advancement to the achievement of actual business objectives.
  • • Our programs, tailor made engagements, coaching, and assessments are customized to deliver the outcomes that matter most to you.
  • • Our Leadership Development Program equips individuals with tools of self-discovery, self-discipline, self-focus, self-performance, self-understanding and commitment to self-concepts.
  • • This program focuses on the skills critical for success at each level in the fields of Insurance & Finance, your organization can see faster results.

Leadership Program Levels

The Program connects the challenges leaders face every day with the essential skills they need to be successful. We’ve created a flexible suite of development resources targeted to five levels of leadership in insurance organizations.

  • Graduates - Leading Self : Individual contributors, professional staff and emerging leaders.
  • Aspiring Managers - Leading Others : Leaders of individual contributors.
  • Chiefs - Leading Managers : Experienced leaders who lead other managers or senior professional staff
  • CEOs - Leading the Function : Senior leaders of organizational functions or divisions.
  • Boards - Leading the Organization : Top executives leading the enterprise.
5Ps of Leadership Competencies

CALIF Development Programs build the most critical skills for success at each level of leadership. They are grounded in 5PS of leader competencies, driven by essential outcomes and focused on key requirements for success at each level, personal, principles, people, profits & prosperity.

    5ps of leadership
Leadership Program Methodology
leadership methodology image
Activities and Projects at CALIF
  • • Leadership program Tan Re.
  • • Leadership program ATI.
  • • Leadership program pension funds and securities.
  • • Leadership program bancassurers.
  • • Leadership program insurance brokers through TIBA.
  • • Leadership program continuous development.
  • • Leadership program board of directors insurance companies.
  • • Leadership program partners – Frankfurt School of Finance.
Programme Name Course Type Action
Strategic Leadership and Management Soft
View Programme
Effective Management Soft
View Programme
Effective Leadership in Project Management Soft
View Programme
Strategic Governance & Organization Development Soft
View Programme
Leadership in Finance Management Soft
View Programme
Executive Leadership and Management Soft
View Programme
Strategic Leadership Development Women Leading Change in Organization Soft
View Programme
Women Leading Change in Organization Soft
View Programme