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Certificate in Commercial Insurance

Form IV certificate with at least 4 passes (excluding religious subjects) or National Vocational Award (NVA) Level 3

Modules that provide a range of crosscutting basic skills, knowledge and principles, which are appropriate to support the course.



  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Commercial Insurance
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Basic Computer Applications
  • Principles of Book keeping


  • Elements of Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance
  • Basics of Insurance Laws
  • Basics of Customer Services for Insurance Operations
  • Elements of Marketing
  • Field Practical Training

The program qualification is designed to produce competent, responsible and creative graduates to serve the insurance community.

  • Apply basic principles of marketing and techniques of customer services in promoting customer satisfaction of insurance services
  • Apply computer applications techniques and basic communication skills to process insurance data and communicate information
  • Employ basic principles of commercial insurance and techniques in health insurance to provide efficient insurance services
  • Apply basic principles of risk management and laws related to insurance in performing insurance operations
  • This program is intended for a person who will assist in providing commercial insurance services to insured communities, individuals and potential customers, preparing basic insurance documents and performing other routine insurance duties.

  • The program runs for 1 Year
  • Tshs. 5,000,000/=
  • Diploma in Commercial Insurance

    The purpose of this programme is therefore to provide innovative, self-driven and flexible basic technician certificate graduates in insurance, who will cope with the dynamic changes of insurance business operation within new technological and socio-economic needs.

    The programme is designed and developed such that it:-
  • Provides a sound foundation on the principles of insurance developing beneficiary‚Äôs ability to efficiently perform routine and some non-routine insurance duties.
  • Allows development of skills in communication for insurance operations involving organizational communication and networking, report writing and presentation skills and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Offers a wide base of supporting aspects in the field of insurance. Hence, the beneficiaries will acquire competences in areas of Principles of Accounting, Business Mathematics and Statistics and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.
  • Above all exposes learners to competences pertaining to core areas of insurance operations including General insurance business, Life Insurance Underwriting, Legal Aspects related to Insurance, Insurance Claims Handling, and Insurance Intermediation.
  • Form VI with at least 1 Principal and a subsidiary pass or Basic Technician in Commercial Insurance or related field.



    • Basic Communication Skills
    • General Insurance Business
    • Business Mathematics and Statistics
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Principles of Accounting


    • Life Insurance Underwriting
    • Insurance Claims Handling
    • Insurance Legal Aspects
    • Insurance Intermediaries
    • Principles of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    • Field Practical Training



    • Business Ethics and Customer Care
    • Marine Insurance
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Principles of Management
    • Principles of Economics
    • Principles of Micro Insurance


    • Motor Insurance Products
    • Property insurance
    • Fundamentals of Reinsurance
    • Research Methodology
    • Field Practical Training

    The program will help students will apply insurance skills and knowledge to provide, promote and supervise insurance services including marine, motor, property and micro insurance services to insured communities, individuals and prospective customers and preparing insurance documents and reports.

  • The program runs for 2 Year
  • Tshs. 5,000,000/=